Judge Bailey was elected to the El Dorado County Superior Court (California) in 2008 and re-elected in 2014. 

In January 2012, judges of this court elected him as the Presiding Juvenile Judge. While serving in this capacity for 4 years, Judge Bailey was passionately active in improving the delivery of services to our troubled and distressed youth. 

Innovative programs were developed with his participation. 

Currently,  Judge Bailey presides over civil, probate, juvenile delinquency and criminal proceedings in South Lake Tahoe.

Enforcing our laws and keeping true to the Constitution

Judge Bailey strongly believes in the rule of law.  "It is not up to Judges to make law. It is the responsibility of our elected representatives," states Judge Bailey.  Upholding the framers' original intent of the  Constitution is the primary responsibility of the judiciary.

​Judge Bailey firmly believes Judges must be independent from political influence and pressure, even if that pressure is being exerted by judicial leader in higher courts.  An independent judiciary does not mean an unaccountable judiciary.  The role of the higher court is to ensure that decisions are decided fairly and in accordance with the rule of law.

​Judge Bailey believes Justice Antonin Scalia was correct when he advocated for holding the Constitution to the framers' original intent.  The Constitution is not a living document.  It should be honored through a determination of what the framers' original intent was at the time of its creation.

Working to bring services to our Veterans

In collaboration with the El Dorado County District Attorney and William Schultz, El Dorado County Clerk and Veterans Services Officer, Judge Bailey established the county's first Veteran Court.


​This court is designed to work in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to divert veterans embroiled in the criminal justice system away from incarceration and into services to address PTSD and mental health, drug and alcohol addiction and homelessness resulting from combat service in our country's wars.

​Helping our veterans address these issues, brings renewed hope to those who gave willingly to our country and reduces the risk that they will fall victim to violence and suicide.  According to statistics compiled by the VA, 22 veterans take their lives daily as a result of suicide.  Veterans courts are only part of the answer but it is a critical piece.

Changing the way services are provided to Abused and Delinquent Youth 

Judge Bailey has been the driving force to implement a new protocol to provide services to potentially abused or delinquent youth.  Following legislative enactment of California Welfare & Institutions Code 241.1 (e), effective in January 2011, Judge Bailey encouraged the county agencies to develop this important inter-agency protocol.

​Working with the county's Chief Probation Officer and the Director of Health and Human Services, a year long effort has taken place to develop and implement this new protocol.  Once in place, this protocol will permit the county probation department and the child welfare agency to jointly assess and produce a recommendation that the child be designated as a dual status youth.  This will allow the child to be simultaneously a dependent child and a ward of the court.

​By making this designation, services meeting the specific needs of the child can be seamlessly provided to the child.

Judge Bailey believes that judges must be accountable to the people.  Upholding the law as written by the elected representatives is critical to the Rule of Law in this country.

Working Hard For You

"Originalism says that when you consult the text, you give it the meaning it had when it was originally adopted, not some later adopted meaning."

               Justice Antonin Scalia                     United States Supreme Court